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InukGraywolf #49201

My preferred name here is Inuk! [she/her] I am LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and Canadian 🇨🇦 I am a Northwestern wolf Therianthrope, Story writer, Poet, Vulture Culturist, Artist, Pagan, and a wannabe Ornithologist.💚

[Additional pack info is set here]
Number designations- all long-term pack members have a number designation in their bio. They are not lineage based numbers, they are given to a wolf when they enter the pack (planned to stay) regardless of age. Pups planned for the enclave do not receive a designation number.(I plan on no longer using this system)

If you're interested, read all wolves' lore in their bios! I
appreciate it a lot!

My art comms! - link


Name: Orchid


Name: Cheshire

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

🪶The Founders🪶

Founding alphas- Inuk and Caeden.
Founding herbalist- Elken
Founding hunter- Mwanga.
Founding scout- Thorne.
Founding pupsitter- Grainmhar.
Founding mentor- Clove.
Founding pups- Tanwen and Edden.
Founding breeding male- Creek.
Founding Lunar Envoy- Shiloh.
Founding Druid- Chemukh.
Founding Coigreach historian- Èildear.
Founding Elders- Mwanga/Elken/Marrow/Clove

🦋Inuk's goals🦋

Purchase an argent female with yellow eyes and no prominent markings.
Breed any lethal mutation.
Purchase a Polymelia pup!
Breed my first tier 3.
Get a Grulla/seal✅/Moss/Argent base wolf.
Get an albino!
Get a mela!
Get all Jay decors!
Get all bird decors!
Decorate all packmates.
Provide lore for each member!
Become a well-known artist + adopt sales member!
Become an avid host of traveling wolves.

Get all these Backgrounds.
🌟= most desired.

Arctic tundra
Hudson Bay🌟
Klamath basin
Blue moon🌟
White mountains 🌟
Salt point state park
North cascades
[USA] Elk mountains
Grand Teton
Night in the forest🌟
Ellesmere Island
Migrating Caribou🌟
[Canada] Lapland rosebay🌟
[Canada] Algonquin park
[Canada] Frozen lakes
[Canada] Auyuittuq National park🌟
[Canada] Kootenay National park
[Canada] Bow river🌟

•Get all the butterfly/moth decors!•
Still need:
Brown Arctic
Arctic wooly bear moth
Monarch butterfly
Polaris fritillary
Red-spotted purple
Sandia hairstreak
Zebra Swallowtail

All my art Clients

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#30850 Pigeon x3
#7367 Zombiehund x2
#13714 Frisk
#8870 Atmospheric
#3196 Flower
#303 Anxiety
#10923 Plagg
#6916 RandomMicrowaveTM
Member Information
Name InukGraywolf
Pack Salmonstone pack
Alpha Phillipa
Joined 2021-09-22
Last Active 2 minutes ago
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