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BlizzardOfDeath #51723

<h2>header</h2> test</div><div class="Box2"><h2>header</h2> test</div> <div class="fogbox"> <img class="fog" src="" alt="fog1.png"> </div>">

Hmmmm, need a header

This is great

You can write stuff here

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Have a pack made entirely of T3's and T*'s with a few exceptions.- Done!
Own a random lethal mutation - Done!
Breed a random lethal mutation
Write lore for all the wolf gods.-Done!
Own 500 gc-Done!
Own 10000 sc - Done!

Looking For:

Random lethal mutations, especially conjoined twins. Can trade LT in the form of items including base and marking apps. Can also trade gc/sc.


Relaxed pose
Lunar applicators
Losna base woofs
Custom decor
Lunar decor/bgs
Member Information
Name BlizzardOfDeath
Pack Indomitable Pack
Alpha Obscurum
Joined 2021-11-14
Last Active 1 hour ago
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