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Howl #40324

Active Tasks


  1. Eye Applicator [Fox]

  2. Base Applicator [Fox]

Looking for:

  1. Sentential Base

  2. Eternal Sleep Recipe

  3. Desolate Cave Recipe

  4. Tansy Crown Recipe

  5. Goldenseal Accent Recipe

In Need of (willing to trade for):

  1. Canine Teeth/Fangs

  2. Canine Claws

  3. Fox Pelts (Grey &/or Red)

  4. Fox Tails (Grey &/or Red)

  5. Fox Skulls

  6. Wolf Skulls

  7. Wolf Tails

  8. Glowing Spores

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Member Information
Name Howl
Pack The Last of the Wilds
Pack Leader 🌕Gang'ā Gān ā
Joined 2021-03-12
Last Active 8 hours ago
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