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🍡Hyla🍥 #36213

Note: From 14:00 -21:00 Wolvden time my responses may be slow!

Hello, you can call me Hyla, I'm 21, I like horror/slasher movies, anime, sweet treats, and I love the game dead by daylight (survivor main nowadays but I still occasionally still play killer, feel free to chat with me about it!) I sometimes draw in my free time, I tend to pop online at least a few times a day, so feel free to PM me if you need something. My goal is to continue breeding low generation wolves with desirable bases and features. I don't mind if you are inquiring about anything I have for sale, or wolves in either of the "Sales/Possible Sales" groups, please note my current stud is my lead wolf and I will always accept your request as soon as I see it/as soon as he has the energy! Thanks~

And here's somewhat of a guide for
those of you interested in offering on any of my trades:

-Wolf Meat**
-You are always welcome to PM
-I am not interested in any food/amusement
-GC is often my top priority unless stated otherwise

-I am incredibly picky with wolves, I usually don't accept any wolf above generation 3 unless you are offering a non brachy/siren lethal. I'm generally only interested in TIII wolves unless they are a carrier/have features I'm interested in, for example: raffle eyes, rare markings, etc. I will very rarely want a TI wolf unless its a NBW carrier/ I want to revamp it with event applicators :)
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Name 🍡Hyla🍥
Pack Plum Blossom Pack
Leader Marshmallow Edibles (NBW)
Joined 2021-01-15
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