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Tōrō 🏮 #34484


She/her | (UTC -3) Brasilia Time (+4hrs WD time)
I don't accept random friend requests, sorry! But I'm glad to discuss trade details over DM.
Currently trying to breed for tier III bases.
[   ] Mojave  |   [   ] Wulfenite
Goal is to eventually grind for a heritageless fox stud and recipe of my own!
I like playing with lore in my pack.
⭐ Project wolf | 💫 Project result | 🌕 Shapeshifter |🌙 Magic wielder
★ ★ ★

Member Information
Name Tōrō 🏮
Pack Protectors
Alpha Maeve
Joined 2020-12-25
Last Active 40 seconds ago
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