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KyWolf #25567

Hello! Welcome to my page,I hope you are having a lovely day or evening!

here are some things about me

I am Ky, and my pronouns are she and her

am a big furry/anthro supporter in and out of role play. A fur suit would be an absolute dream

im a big ol tomboy,you won't see me hunting but you can catch me fishing!

Country heart living in the city

I have been to two country concerts:

Luke Bryan what makes you country tour


Blake Shelton Gods country with the dogs running baby yeah!

I am an aspiring Veterinarian Technician and groomer (maybe animal Rehabber)

I am the proud mother of a female,light red heterochromia blue and amber siberian husky (I have tried to post her,stupid links!)

I also own a:

Jendaya conure


tiny red eared slider

One day I hope to show a husky and rescue some

I absolutely love hot flavors like that of ghost pepper

Shows I'm watching:

Rick and Morty

American Dad

Family guy


Mountain monsters

Anything on Animal planet XD

I accept almost all friend request,however I might be picky at some points

I love role plays so feel free to pm me!

i would love to rp with you but I am a NERVOUS WRECK in which I can not be the first to say hello or say anything about what you want to do but I won't bite! Under certain circumstances of course πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

βœ… anthro/furry or canines

❌humans or cruel alphas (I can do cruel alphas as an side character but not my main being it)

I will only ever get my pups checked by gene!

NAMES=Big Names Ex:Moof,Hanta

No NAMES= no big names

Wolvden Goals
Lead Wolf Goals
βœ…-Get all of Calicana's stats to 100 or higher
βœ…-Get Calicana to level 15
βœ…-Get Calicana to level 20
General Goals
βœ…-Obtain a Seal or Bronze (Seal)
βœ…-Obtain Heterochromia wolf/wolves
Breeding Goals
βœ…-Get 1 female melanism
βœ…-Get 1 male melanism
βœ…-Get 1 female albino (2)
βœ…-Get 1 male albino
βœ…-Get NBW with Albino or Mel,create new bloodline (both mutations)
βœ…-Get male albino CARRIER NBW
βœ…-Get female melanism CARRIER NBW
βœ…-Breed heterochromia from my wolf
-Breed a bronze from my seal
- To breed clean lines from me down
Decor Goals
βœ…-Salmon Earring
βœ…-Skeletal remains
βœ…-Burrows Among the roots
-βœ…Forest Dwelling
Member Information
Name KyWolf
Pack Great Nature Beaver Pack
Alpha Calicana
Joined 2020-10-31
Last Active 6 hours ago
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