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KyWolf #25567

KyWolf // She/Her // #25567

About Me

I am Ky, a 20 year old single hetero women who is a tomboy.You won't see me hunting but you can catch me fishing! Country heart in the city. I have been to two country concerts; Luke Bryan What makes you country and Blake Shelton Gods Country. I had a blast at the Nickleback concert! Currently unemployed but an aspiring veterinarian technician/assistant

Little things:
- I own a Siberian husky, and Siberian Pit Germ as I affectionately call the second dog.
- I hope to rescue and show huskies
- I love hot stuff like ghost pepper
- 2 hours ahead of wolvden

I am currently watching:
- Rick and Morty
- American Dad
- Mountain Monsters
- Anything on Animal Planet XD

I accept almost all friend requests but I'm picky. (I prefer to talk more then once, and about serious matters.) But I am friendly by all means and will help to the best of my ability.
I love roleplays so don't be afraid to pm me!

-MxF,Anthro/Furry,Canine/Feral, Werewolf

- Humans, Cruel Alphas (can do, just don't want my main being it), MxM,FxF(just not comfortable)

Lead Wolf

✅-Get Luthar to level 15
-Get Luthar to level 20
-Get Luthar to 800 - 1000 Stats

✅-Bronze or Seal (Both!)
✅-Hetero wolves
✅-Melanism wolves
✅-Albino wolves
✅-Create NBW mutation line (Mela AND Albino)
✅-High stat pair of NBWS
✅-Breed clean lines
✅-Breed Bronze/Seal with melanism Thank You
-G1 1000 wolf

✅-Salmon earring
✅-Skeletal remains
✅-Burrows among the roots
✅-Forest Dwelling


Art by SilverFallingStars

Art by Nox

Moving Profile icon By kei.nairi
Art by Calzone I will forever cherish
Art by Lichen
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Member Information
Name KyWolf
Pack Great Nature Beaver Pack
Alpha Luthanavir
Joined 2020-10-31
Last Active 2024/06/26 16:59:56
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