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KyWolf's Wishlist

This is KyWolf's Wishlist - a list of all the items they desire! If you are feeling generous, you may wish to gift one or more of these items to this member!

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Badger Pelt
The pelt of a badger. It isn't whole, and the edges are torn, but it's quite clean and fuzzy!
Note: 3 for remnants
Base Applicator [Badger]
Use this on your chosen wolf to change their base to Badger. Genetics: Muted Medium Tier III.
Celtic Astrology [Amethyst] - Salmon Earring
This subtle earring is made out of salmon fish bones, hazel fibre, and gems.
Mustelid Claws
These are just some claws. It looks like their previous owner must have lost them during a rough battle.
Mustelid Fangs
These are just some teeth. It looks like their previous owner must have been mauled pretty badly.. or, at least, their face was.
Remnant: Badger Pelt
You saved some scraps of a Badger Pelt - they might be useful!
Note: 3