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[Kim] Rolling Events Only #13734

Hello-hello to all that are looking at this! Yes, it's quite surprising seeing me tied to the word 'hiatus' haha. While I have been going at a streak over 3.5 years (yes you read that right) of continuous rolling, I've been losing my spunk to be here as of late. And while I do love the time spent with the community, some time away alongside less stress of daily maintaining would help me to do wonders to my slowly-declining mental health. Trying to take this one step at a time, as you can see.

Trades will go until they expire if they were up pre-hiatus, besides chaseds.

Stud requests will be turned off during these hiatus periods.

My return?
Expect to still see me during events! I'm still that goofy ass collector, even when the crippling depression kicks in :'D
Plus, I'll most likely tend to login just to chat in Main, so if you see me, feel free to say hi!

Need to find me while I'm not here?
I have Discord! kimthequeen12 is the one to find, my pfp here is the same as there, so hopefully not too hard to spot!

Next Event/Date of Possible Return
Lunar Event; July 19th - July 25th

Raise and Chase Banner

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Lonely Dance · Set It Off
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Name: Dionel

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage


My name is KimtheQueen12. You can call me Kim, Kimmy, Queen, etc.

A 22 year old dumbass who goes BRR when playing wolf breeding site. She/her pronouns and a proud pansexual!

Runs on US CST, which is an hour ahead of WD time, and two hours ahead if we count the dreaded Daylight Saving Time, so if I'm sleeping when you're awake, sorry!

Let it be known that if I'm not on daily, that there is something wrong real-life that I can't control. I'm sorry to those affected, as I can't be there to keep up. Sometimes you just... gotta let go, y'know?

Usually either on here, playing Genshin Impact (UID: 616067627; just be sure to DM me here if you wanna friend/team up, as I'm not keen on random world requests lol) or Minecraft, or secluding myself in the farthest corner of my room to just get lost in thought about life's purpose. Y'know, like any socially anxious person of society would.

Also enjoy singing, photography, animals, and just happy company 😚

Silhouette leads you to the Hill's Peak in the darkest of the night, both of you settling down near its literal edge. You warily watch her, waiting for some sort of reply as to why she had brought you here. Things seemed a bit off as you wait.

She finally opens her maw, speaking in a faint whisper to not awaken her packmates, asleep in their dens, "It's been a year... A whole year. We settled our home in this forest in the beginning, moving to the prairie and the taiga for better prey. Instead, we return here every year from now on to let the legacy of our original home live on in our next generation."

You smile, giving a nod.

She continues, "But it still watches us, from afar or from right at our paws."

You pause, glancing to the pitch-black female. Tilting your head, you question the motive of the comment.

Silhouette blinks, almost as if she was caught a warm homecoming of the comment she made. She had glanced to you, flicking an ear.

She followed with a snort, wavering a paw, "Ahh, I forgot, you're still new here in the Nightfallers! Care to listen?"

You reply with a hesitant nod, awkwardly watching the female's piercing yellow eyes in the somber night.

"Well, as Fallow and I were chased from our original pack, we stumbled upon the forest we reside in, and we both heard a rather calming voice. We both hadn't seen, smelled, or tracked anything that could've been nearby to produce such a tone. It was a whisper of sorts..." She paused, trying to recall the tale.

"It spoke in the name of the Kimera, calling upon the stars to grant Fallow and I the safety and humble start we needed as a growing pack. We assumed some wolf had been playing the trickster's tale on us and assumed it had been nothing but a fib. However, a shooting star of the purest white blaze occurred in the same dark of night as it is tonight."

You look to the stars, a mere twinkle following. And as if the timing was impeccable, a bundle of stars formed into a wolf. It followed a simple wink and dispersed as quick as it appeared.

Silhouette glances to you as you gaped your maw in awe, speaking in hush, "You saw them too, huh? They usually appear at the arrival of a new wolf to the pack, grant their blessing, then overwatch the health and prosperity of each of us. They're sorta like a god, at least, in my simplest of terms. Yet they haven't abandoned us in times of need, which is greatly considered when seasons become their worst or best."

You watch the sky again after listening to Silhouette, a faint voice chiming into your mind, "Welcome newcomer to the Nightfallers. You, alongside your packmates, have arrived for sanctuary from your formers. With the blessing of I, the Kimera, I grant you personal and pack prosperity for the years to come. Let the stars shine down on you with your back to the moon, to light your bright future."

You smile once more, Silhouette prodding you to leave and sleep for the night. You can't help but wonder why such celestial being chose to watch over this pack, but it served right. You see the fabled Kimera wink at you once again from the skies before you enter the den for your slumber.

(Eheheheh, "Kim"era, get it? I'll leave now-)

A lovely thanks to bellicose (#4957) for the pfp of Pride ❤
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