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Esaki #133548

My name is Esaki! I have been on DA for years, if you recognize me please say hello!

For this pack, I will focus on developing natural looking dark, blue, and/or grey wolves. I may also have a small number of space-themed, Art/artist themed, and/or sunset-themed wolves. My larger focus will be on mottled, split, and pied mutes.

~Art Examples~

~Lil'about me~

I am in my early 30's and enjoy playing with everyone!
I am open to RP's with friends who are 20+!
I prefer drawing canines but drawing animals is my thang!
I am obsessed with my pets and give them the world!
I am LGBTQIA+ BIPOC friendly; I respect all!
I am a Mexican, Apache, and French Canadian mutt!
I love Halloween, Anime, the show Bluey, and I own taxidermy & pelts!
I want to see your pets...please show me your pets!
Current Commissions

Check out Esaki'sArt Shop for current commissions and open/closed status!

If you are interested in getting to know me more, take a peek at the following pages: [ page] [Artfight page] I am an artist and will open commission on a case-by-case basis. Wait times are expected to be 2-3 weeks minimum. I am a full-time educator, please understand my art takes extra time due to my career. If you are interested in commissioning me, check out Esaki'sArt Shop or send me a PM. I am happy to do pet portraits, wolvden related coms, anime-style drawings, and more.
Member Information
Name Esaki
Pack RiverRottie Pack
Lead Wolf Erebos
Joined 2024-01-15
Last Active 40 minutes ago
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