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Guren - semi hiatus #27066


The wolves of Midgar were established in Fall of 2020 (11/06/2020)
Our main focuses are stats, w/ hetero & merle. Had the first hetero stud on site (and 3rd & 8th in game) -- also co-bred the FIRST HETERO T3

Guren | 30 | Engaged
sup i'm guren. i'm absolutely in love with the amazing Mahiru, she is my best friend, soul mate, better half, Titan Brat, as well as my fiancée...I own, breed and show four (Rad, Elsa, Aki & Aspire) Cardigan Welsh Corgis <3 I also have a galaxy koi betta fish named Guren and a Black Orchird named Shinya. I am in and out quite often as I travel all around for dog shows & performance sports, so my messaging times might be delayed. I enjoy photography, hikes and adventures with my fiancée and dogs! <3 I am open to answering questions about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed with the ability to educate about these amazing dogs!

TO THE MODS: At times, we do sometimes share an IP address. I don't accept random friend requests.
Member Information
Name Guren - semi hiatus
Pack The Wolves of Midgar
Pack Leader Jaeger💫
Joined 2020-11-06
Last Active 2022/08/01 18:11:48
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