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The wolves of Midgar were established in Fall of 2020 (11/06/2020)

Chuuya | 31 | Male | Engaged
sup i'm chuuya. i'm absolutely in love with the amazing Mari 💕 , she is my best friend, soul mate, better half, four eyes, as well as my fiancée...I own, breed and show four (Rad, Elsa, Aki & Chuuya) Cardigan Welsh Corgis <3 I am in and out quite often as I travel all around for dog shows & performance sports, so my messaging times might be delayed. I enjoy photography, hikes and adventures with my fiancée and dogs! <3 I am also after a hiatus of college, signed back up for my Associate in Arts degree, majoring in Liberal Arts and minoring in Photography! I should complete this early 2024!! I'm currently only popping back on here for lunar events. Especially as my fiancée and I are very busy both with our dogs, schooling, and chaos! I'm a very friendly but quiet person, I suffer from severe anxiety and C-PTSD, among other things, so please bear this in mind when reaching out. I really don't message/chat on WD, so if I reach out; there is a reason! I'm a total caffeine addict and PSL season (Spooky things, hell yeah) is the best time of year! Don't give me any nicknames, the only one who can call me "Your Highness" or "Princess" is my Mari, so don't. Mari is everything to me, she is my light in the dark, my reason to keep going, the woman I am going to marry and the one I love unconditionally. Silly enough, she was my first friend on this game... two days after joining. We've been inseparable ever since!💖My favorite animes: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bungo Stray Dogs, Dramatical Murder, Wolf's Rain, Black Blood Brothers, Seraph Of The End, etc.
My kins are: Asuka Langley Soryu, Chūya Nakahara, Guren Ichinose, Cloud Strife and Aoba Seragaki.

TO THE MODS: At times, we do sometimes share an IP address. I don't accept random friend requests. I'd also really prefer if you were to message me, that you are 18+, thank you!

☆About My Dogs☆

Radke Castiel: Rad, Radders, Wadke, The Goodest Boy, and Perfect Angel Boy; this dog is my other half, he is my rock, my soulmate in a dog and my true heart dog. He h as been through some of the hardest, most tramautic life events I've gone through and he has goten me through each one with his dignity and confidence. Radke is now a ten year old retired AKC Champion (my first!) and I knew he wa mine since he was 4 weeks old. He came home the day he turned 8 weeks old. He was my first service dog, trick dog and bar hunt, sadly in 2017 he was diagnosed with IVDD and went under for surgery. He's the kind of dog who, like me, rolls with the punches, he's easy going yet spicy when he wants to be, and he's got personality for days. He was my first cardigan, first show dog and was completley owner handled to his BISS win and Championship with AKC. He also has his altered ICKC Championship! He has his Advanced trick dog and RATI. He dabbed in herding for a bit, too! Now? He's my model for photography and best couch potato. He loves the snow and the lake and hikes, he is a very "with me" dog, and I fcking love him for it! He truly is one of a kind, and he will utterly shatter me when the time comes, to my goodest boy, thank you Radders.

Elsa Marie: Oh Elsa, my dream dog. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a "blue merle corgi" at the time not realizing there were two distinct breeds. Well, in the midst of chaos in my life (EBV/Transplant/Cancer x2) this little dream dog of pure spice came into my life. She i the blue girl I wanted from the start and man does she push my buttons! At three she is one of the most accomplished cardigans I have and have ever had the pleasure of working with! She is is biddable and easy going to train that getting her to her TKP was such a breeze! Due to the pandemic her CH was put on hold so we've been working on tail titles; she has a lot! Starting in 2023, we will be pushing more for her AKC Championship, but she is an ICKC Champion! Elsa is a three year old bitch, and boy, is she head bitch! Smart as a whip though! Some of her titles include but are not limited to: TKN, TKI, TKA, TKP, RATI, RATN, BCAT, DCAT, FCAT, VSWB, VSWI, VHMA, CGC, CGCU she also has multiple non + more AKC titles! Some of her nicknames are; Bitch, Beans, Woo, Wooie, Jellybean, Wooberrie, Elwuu, Beeaaaaaannnnns.

Aki Mei: Aki is my little trindle, at 22 months old she is a sweet but ful of piss and vigor little girl. Sadly, she didn't turn out show wise and has been removed from my program, but she is a FANTASTIC service dog, and we are working on her confidence for sports! She loved fcat until she got spooked by an amped up dog; she runs about 22-24mph, ths this would make her the fasest cardigan in the country! Aki is a very loving, and sweet dog, she is a wonderful breed ambassador to boot! We plan to do more tricks, scent work, rally, barn hunt and hopefully back into FCAT. Her current titles are VHMP, VHMA, VSWB, CGC, TKN, and TKI!

Chuuya: 2023 litter.
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Name ☆Chuuya☆
Pack The Wolves of Midgar
Pack Leader Chuuya
Joined 2020-11-06
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