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Development Update #12

Development Update #12
Posted 2021-08-25 07:34:13

Questing Overhaul

Questing has had a complete redesign and recode.  We have been aware that questing has been frustrating at times, and sometimes downright impossible to complete, which isn't the model that we intended to bring to the game.  Questing is supposed to be a fairly reliable way to earn some Silver Cones and EXP, and it wasn't living up to that.

We've done away with the single daily quest model and instead opted for a trio of daily quests.  When you visit the snake, you will now collect three quests at once - an Easy, a Medium, and a Hard.  You do not have to complete all of these quests, but you can now complete up to three quests per day.

The quests you will receive are now far more varied, and simpler.  Easy quests include things like completing 2 hunts, completing a scouting mission, befriending a new wolf, entering the Lottery.  Medium quests will sometimes add a modifier to these, or simply increase the quantity - for instance, complete 2 Small trail hunts or complete 2 scouting missions.  Hard quests will add up to two modifiers, so this may be complete 4 Small trail hunts (increased quantity and specific type).

A Quest Widget has been added to your sidebar when you have active quests that track their progress as you navigate around the site.  This can be turned off if you find it inconvenient by visiting your Profile.

We've taken the EXP and SC rewards from the previous single quest, increased them a fair bit, and distributed them across the three quests to align with the difficulty of the quests.  Easy quests will be rewarded a smaller amount of EXP and SC, but in most cases are the easiest and fastest to complete.  Hard quests will be rewarded the most, but in most cases they are more tricky to complete.

Snake Skulls can now ONLY be used when you have three incomplete quests.  You cannot use them to skip past individual quests, you must use them to skip the entire batch if you wish to avoid one.


New achievements have been added for completing daily quests with the snake!  You can find these in the Quests category of the Achievements page:

  • "A Few Simple Tasks" - complete 3 quests in a day
  • "Getting the Hang of Things" - 10 total quests completed
  • "Snake's Assistant" - 100 total quests completed
  • "A Full Time Job" - 500 total quests completed
  • "This is My Career Now" - 1,000 total quests completed
  • "Is it Time to Retire Yet?" - 2,500 total quests completed

Additional Notes:

  • When a quest requests something like "Complete 2 hunts" - this does not mean they need to be successful, you just need to complete the hunts required.
  • The widget will update usually on a page load, so if any quests require participation in something that doesn't update the page (such as the Fishing game) you will only notice the progress in the sidebar when you click away from the game.
  • Quest difficulties have been assigned based on how long it would take a player to acquire the specific requirements if they are starting with nothing.  For instance, if you happen to have the exact items the snake wants for a hard quest - it will seem very easy to just hand it in, but for someone who doesn't have the items it may be more tricky.

Additional Updates

Extra Dynasty Slots
We have doubled the capacity for adding extra Dynasty slots, so you can now purchase up to 200 Dynasty slots for your pack.

Foraging Times
Herbalist proficiency and level now contributes to reducing the amount of time it takes to complete foraging missions.  Beginner Herbalists will take the standard 60 minutes to complete foraging, but a level 20 wolf with 100% Herbalist proficiency will reduce that time by 30 minutes.

Medicine Stock List
A Stock List of what medicines you currently have has been added to the Herbalist page so that you can more easily reference which medicines you are low on before mixing new ones.

More Leaderboards!
We've added a bunch of new leaderboards!  We have also added a view called "No Heritage Wolves" that removes wolves that have a heritage, so you can easily see how wolves that haven't been bred match up.

As we've added more, we anticipate more views of the page, so we have had to cache the data meaning that it will only update once per hour.  So fear not, if you have a wolf that's just gained some stats and is now higher than a leaderboard wolf but not appearing - wait for a while, and they may show up!

Pinned Board Posts
Pinned posts on the forums are now a bit more visually distinctive, so hopefully they are a bit easier to find!

Raccoon Wares Update

One new biome-specific Raccoon Wares decor has been added for each biome!

Mourning Dove

Eurasian Collared Dove
Deciduous Forest

Rock Dove

Common Ground Dove
Riparian Woodland

Common Poorwill

Band-Tailed Pigeon
Coniferous Forest

Red-Winged Blackbird

Eastern Yellow Wagtail

Long-Tailed Jaeger

Inca Dove

White-Winged Dove

Scaled Pigeon

New Craftable Backgrounds and Decors

These recipes have a chance to drop in place of trophies!

Broken Antler Decor
Broken Antler x 5

Deer Ear Accessory
Deer Ear x 5

Moose Ear Accessory
Moose Ear x 5

Elk Ear Accessory
Elk Ear x 5

Den of Pelts
Coyote Pelt x 5
Wolf Pelt [Brown] x 5
Wolf Pelt [Red] x 5

This recipe has a chance to drop in place of Lucky Feet!

Rabbit Foot Den
Lucky Foot x 5
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10

These recipes have a chance to drop when foraging for herbs!

Blossoming Guaiac Tree
Guaiacum x 30

Burning Bush Tree
Burning Bush x 30

Cedar Trees
Cedar Bark x 30

Mountain Laurel Blossoms
Spoonwood x 30

Redwood Sorrel Meadow
Redwood Sorrel x 30

These recipes have a chance to drop in place of Acorns!

Angel Oak
Acorn x 6

Valley Oak
Acorn x 6

These recipes have a chance to drop in place of toys!

Pupsitter Den
Gnawing Hoof x 10
Large Rock x 10

Desert Traveller
Tortoise Shell x 10
Large Rock x 10

Gyrfalcon Observer
Gyrfalcon Feather x 10

Puffin Colony
Puffin Feather x 10

Quail Trail
Quail Egg x 15

Rattlesnake Den
Rattlesnake Skin x 10
Large Rock x 10

Resting Grouse Flock
Grouse Feather x 10

Rising Ibis
Ibis Feather x 10

Soaring Condor
Condor Feather x 10

Swimming Mallard Ducks
Duck Feather x 10
Duck Egg x 10

Wild Toucans
Toucan Feather x 10

Swan Feather Decor
Swan Feather x 10

Parrot Feather Decor
Parrot Feather x 10

These recipes have a chance to drop in place of bones!

Abandoned Den
Bone x 10
Large Rock x 10

Muskrat Carcass Decor
Muskrat Carcass x 10

These recipes have a chance to drop in place of cave items!

Fallen Tree Den
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10
Large Leaf x 10

Forest Dwelling
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10
Large Leaf x 10

Hollow Tree Den
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10
Large Leaf x 10

Overgrown Car
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10
Large Leaf x 10

Secluded Spring Den
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10
Large Leaf x 10

Vine Growth Den
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10
Large Leaf x 10

Cozy Den
Large Rock x 10
Large Branch x 10
Large Leaf x 10

Root Cave
Large Branch x 20
Large Leaf x 10

Stone Path Cave
Large Rock x 20
Large Leaf x 10

Sandstone Cavern
Large Rock x 30

Rocky Den
Large Rock x 30

Winter Cave
Large Rock x 30
Posted 2021-08-25 07:35:07
Oh shit cool

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Awesome update!  Thank you so much!

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Yay! Thank you for the updates. ))

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Oooh! Love the new drops.

Madame Rose