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MʏsteʀʏYan₪玄妙 #3609

→ 15 Hours ahead Wolvden time ←

Ello,guys! ^w^ Welcome to my Den. You can call me Mys or Yan.

Cuz I'm not from an english speaking country,my English is a little poor.  But I am willing to meet people from different countries and cultural backgrounds!

I'm here focus on breeding pretty wolves with my private genealogy of the higher generations and some of the wolves also have the blood of my friends' pack.

✤Breed G2 Private Line Brachycephaly【X】

✤Breed Another Random Lethal【X】

↓ only those that are still in pack are listed ↓

✤Breed Any Random Lethal【√】

✤Breed Deafness【√】

✤Breed Spontaneous Blindness 【√】

| |

✤Breed G2 Private Line Melanism【√】

✤Breed G2 Private Line Albinism【√】


✤Breed G2 Private Line Hereditary Cataracts【√】


Member Information
Name MʏsteʀʏYan₪玄妙
Pack Twilight Guardian
Leader Twilightcaller
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 1 hour ago