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🌘 Kas and Zy #16535

🌘 KAS AND ZY #16535


Welcome to the home of Howlism! This account is used by a system, a form of plurality where multiple people share the same body, but is primarily ran by me (Kas)! I am a legal minor at seventeen years old, so please keep content SFW around me. Please be aware that I can be tone deaf, and thus make mistakes. I do not mean harm, and I'm cool with talking things out and listening to criticism. We hope to provide various goods and services to the community, and overall contribute in a positive way. Friend requests are on auto-accept, we only block people in extreme circumstances.

Thanks for visiting, have a lovely day/night!


ABOUT ♡ 04/28/21 ♡

"i'm kas! a seventeen year old white euro-american from the midwest of the usa! i am trasngender non-binary (ftnb)! i identify as genderfae, a type of genderfluidity encompassing feminine and neutral identities. i strictly use they/them and neopronouns. i'm also an altruist activist, artist/animator, and author, and have a passion for animals of all kinds!"

"Play with Kas sometimes, I am an author and I generally write lore and ideas for Howlism. Protector, kind of anti-social in honesty but I will talk if needed or requested. I don't nearly have enough patience as Kas, so pardon me if I'm forward."


none! we are being reimagined!

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Name 🌘 Kas and Zy
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Queen Ululo
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