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🦇🦷PureAngelika🦷🦇 #95632

"I'm Jack's cold sweat"

✮She/her or they/them, I'm in my early 20's. You can call me Angelica/Angel or Bat, Teeth/Teef.✮

✮I'm Eastern European so I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense, english isn't my first language. I love talking and learning about animals and dinosaurs :)) I'm a forever fan of Soul Eater, Dorohedoro, Full Metal Alchemist + FMA Brotherhood and JJBA <3

✮I'm friendly but super anxious.✮

"I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise."

♡My favorite messages!!!!♡ ฅ•̀∀•́ฅ

HoppingHare (#131199)
@[95632] TEEF
2024-03-12 14:24:53

🍀Lickywhisper🍀 (#128200)
@[95632] TEEF
2024-03-12 14:25:23

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