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Kat ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ🎁🎁 4 u :3 #123021

Messy doodle above was made by me! It is of my persona-fursona, Kat.

code by #202

Welcome to the dumpster fire!

We (hopefully) do not bite. :3

Heyaa! I see you have stumbled upon this, hot mess.
I'm someone, but you can call me Kat!
2 hours ahead of WD time!
- Pronouns -
holy crap i love puma eyes

I.. Love the sun and moon and mythology hhhh
Always always ALWAYS having the creative juices (unless art block wants to eat my kneecaps.)
Fun fact -
Fegthanakaos and Ilioszoifissi from my current pack lore actually came from a diff story i had that I stopped writing about.
(They are also based off the sun and moon.. obvs...)
I also have OCs n such! Cant show them bc i have yet to make art of them (Well- I did, but its old and gross)


These r my silly widdle goals

  • Have all females in hunting teams (like lion prides)

  • Set up a commissions post and such

  • sell apps

  • figure out & get a css

  • breed more lethals

  • achieve getting all 4 carrier status in 4 nbws
    current progress - 25% there - Albino carrier NBW ✅ Brachy, mela, het. cataracts ❌

  • have aggressive personality hunting teams

all i ask for this community is go easy on me, i am very brittle about certain things and such-
blocking info -
I dont block randomly, I only block if -

You're being mean to me/another player
reselling my wolves for more than you bought them from me/won from me
^ VERY anti supportive of this, i can get by if you dont want the pup anymore but at least sell at the buying price- directing aiming your intentions at reselling for profit will earn you a block.
anti LGBTQA+ or anti furry
being racist/sexist.

If you choose to gift me then tysm!!!
My wishlist -
- SC
- GC
- Nesting material
- Food (preferably bundles but im not picky!)
- Amusement
- Apps
- Breeding items
All this is just personal preference! You should not feel obligated to send this stuff to me.
Member Information
Name Kat ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ🎁🎁 4 u :3
Pack Deorum Protectus
Lead Spook
Joined 2023-05-22
Last Active 5 minutes ago
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