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⚔️Ren⚔️ #87527

Hello! I'm Ren my pronouns are he/they and this game has become a special interest of mine! My timezone is EST which is currently 3 hours ahead of wolvden time, I try to respond or accept any form of communication quickly unless I'm asleep.
More about me!:
I am a transgender nonbinary and I dragged my fiance and a few friends into this game after it became my latest obsession! I like helping new players and finding active groups to join! Come check out the group LTH ( Licensed To Howl) for a super sweet and new player friendly group! We have a on site group, and off site forum, and a discord group!

I RO every day and send my wolves to do their jobs very often and I'm never offline more than maybe 8-9 hours when I'm sleeping. My RO happens at 3am for me so it's rare to see me online just after. I love setting up trades for any t3s I don't plan to keep and higher gen ones I'm always willing to sell cheap (or even free for newbies with no t3s). I love reading lore on wolves or my travelers but I am not very good at writing it so if you have pack lore you want to share then send me a message and I'll gladly give it a read!

Contact me!:
Discord: Rin#1147
Feel free to send me a dm on site I will get to any reach outs in good time! If for any reason you are rude or aggressive about something then I will not respond, sorry but I dont have the energy for that.

My friends!: If you are a player I frequently interact with AND are in my friends list you have free access to any free pups without me advertising beforehand.

My main groups/discord groups!:
~ LTH Forumotion This links to the off site forum for a group named Licensed To Howl, and it has links to the discord and on site group!
~ A unofficial Wolvden server that you can request and invite to if you contact me on discord!

Wolf trades:
I will chase wolves if they dont sell regardless of their gen, stats, or mutation. If you need time to save up message me otherwise you will miss out.
Trades are here: My open trades!

Art I have commissioned
Skystar by WillowCross#88846
Meadowleap by WillowCross#88846

Chase Record:
I have finally got around to making a chase record, any wolf that makes it onto this record are pups I bred and chased, enclaves I adopted and chased, wolves I do like but replaced/need to make room for better wolves, and sometimes giveaway wolves that don't fit into my pack because of their family tree. Here is said record if you find any of these wolves let me know! I would love to update the record that they were found!

Breeding goals:

Personal projects:
R&C program for Novus eyes: In Development
R&C breeding for T3s (mostly warm darks)
R&C breeding for special bases

Breed the new T3 bases
•Corrundum achieved
•Bluechist achieved
•Hornfels achieved

Long term:
Have bred at least one of each mutation including lethal
-Albino completed
-Melanistic completed
-Pieblad Uneven completed
-Piebald Torn completed
-Spontaneous Blindness completed

Own one of each special base! Bred or bought!
In order of obtained:
-Airglow achieved
-Moonlight achieved
-Moss achieved
-Clover achieved
-Artemis achieved
-Diana achieved
-Annwn achieved
-Storm achieved (1st special ever bred)
-Nightchill achieved
-Caelum achieved
-Cynthia achieved
-Hydrangea achieved
-Merged achieved
-Amor achieved
-Losna achieved
-Turquoise achieved
-Wisp achieved

"Guess the base, win a prize!" Info (please read if your coming from there): Find the forum game here
Hello! First, thank you for playing! Second I am a registered Co-host allowed by the owner to host rounds regularly without asking ahead of time as long as it doesnt prevent the owner from hosting rounds as well!

•If you are here to ask about temporary guest hosting please contact the OWNER of the forum thread Solar Flares! You will be able to find them from the first post that holds the rules for said forum game!
•If you do not want to host but still donate pup/wolf for the forum ame please feel free to ask!
•If you have other questions about the forum game you can feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer, if not then I will direct you to Solar Flares!
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Name ⚔️Ren⚔️
Pack Underdark Pack
Lead Wolf 🌠Skystar🌠
Joined 2022-09-09
Last Active 12 minutes ago
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