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⚔️Ren⚔️ #87527

Hello! I'm Ren my pronouns are he/they and this game has become a special interest of mine! My timezone is EST which is currently 2 hours ahead of wolvden time (My RO is at 2am), I try to respond or accept any form of communication quickly unless I'm asleep.

Help design my next lead wolf!

Contest here! With a prize of 800sc, 200 Amusement, and 3 refunded breedings to Fernstrike!

R&C Info:
Fair warning to those I message about NBWs, I do actively look for some of my chased wolves (Just the T3s/T*s or ones I want back) via the search function and will message those who have/caught wolves I chased! I dont always want them back i just like seeing they made it through.
I also tend to choose a LOT of wolves for R&C, so I often have friends assist when i don't have the space for age ups! I record primarily through Discord since the Forum format on site takes too long for my liking, but I always save proof!

Join my group?
I own a Lodge called Casual Wolves! It would be super if you joined us!
Join the Lodge Discord? You don't have to be a Lodge member to join!

❌️Adoption Information❌️: ⚠️Please read!⚠️

~Giveaway pups/wolves may be in one of these caves: Nursery (plus lead wolf pups that are marked the same as freebies)
~Please send a LINK when adopting, if you are unable please give the best description possible (Gen, Base Tier, eyes, mothers name, stats, any combo of those).

●You MAY ask for free: ANY pup named "A❌️", including "A❌️ R&C" they are just kept until 1 year old.
●You may NOT ask for free: T3's, T*'s, mutations, R&C, or pups with proper names. Mother's are NEVER up for negotiation.
●For wolves that dont fit giveaway criteria and still intrest you, send me a PM and I will answer any question you have! I am willing to trade R&C's, depending on if I want them back, they would be inexpensive an accessible to old and new players!

•I have paid/trade adopts as well but they will NOT have the marker listed and be labeled as sell, R&C, or a price.
•There is no limit to how many you can take, if you want them ask!
•Also once you have the pup(s) they are yours to do whatever with, I am not one of those people that when you get rid of something from giveaway I take it personally.
•All of these things apply to my adolescent/adults in my pack too as long as they have the "❌️" mark!
•Do NOT come and complain about if you didnt claim a pup in time, I have limited resources and a large pack, I cannot keep unwanted wolves for longer than a few days (when the gift expires)!

⚠️In addition if you have obviously not read my guidelines and ask for wolves for free who are NOT free, I will ignore you. I've been asked too many times about getting valuable wolves for free. If you attempt to do this more than once, you will be reported for violating the Code of Conduct.⚠️

"Build-a-Pack Puppy giveaway game!" Info: Join us there!

I am a Mod and Primary host for this puppy/young wolf giveaway game! I always try to give away low gen non adult wolves who have one or more of these things; raffle eyes, numerous rare marks, nice bases, or just nice looking!

Hope you come join a few rounds and win some sweet looking pups for FREE. If you have any questions about the forum game please feel free to send me a message, I will happily answer any questions!

Personal/Breeding Goals:

General goals/on going projects:
R&C breeding for Raffle eyes
R&C breeding for T3s
R&C breeding for special bases
R&C/Pack breeding of Silver Marks

Breed any new added T3 bases:
•Corrundum achieved
•Bluechist achieved
•Hornfels achieved
•Megalodon achieved
•Iron achieved
•Larimar achieved
•Caribou achieved

Long term:
Have bred at least one of each mutation including lethal
Secondary mutations:
-Albino completed
-Melanistic completed
-Pieblad Uneven completed
-Piebald Torn completed
-Spontaneous Blindness completed

Lethal mutations: All made immortal
-Sirenomelia completed (Traded away, also my first lethal)
-2nd Sirenomelia

Own and breed each special base!:
-Airglow achieved
-Moonlight achieved and bred
-Moss achieved and bred
-Clover achieved
-Artemis achieved and bred
-Diana achieved and bred
-Annwn achieved
-Storm achieved and bred (1st special ever bred)
-Nightchill achieved and bred
-Caelum achieved
-Cynthia achieved and bred
-Kin achieved and bred
-Hydrangea achieved
-Merged achieved and bred
-Amor achieved and bred
-Losna achieved and bred
-Turquoise achieved and bred
-Wisp achieved
-Abomination achieved and bred
-Beast achieved
-Umbra achieved
-Luna achieved
-Tempest achieved
Member Information
Name ⚔️Ren⚔️
Pack Underdark Pack
Leader ❄️Frozenstar❄️
Joined 2022-09-09
Last Active 6 minutes ago
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