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JheydaMoon #73879

STARTING 09/26/2023

Personal Goal for the foreseeable future:

1. Only R&C T2 or higher with 5+ markings
2. Only keep T2 or higher with 5+ markings
3. Send any puppies T2 or higher to the enclave if you do not want and they do not follow the above guidelines.
4. Immediately chase the rest

***Some obvious exceptions may apply: I.E. R&C a T3 or T* if rare enough, wolves you already have grown and named, etc***

Less important:
Start noting where your name came from , in case you like a certain list of names.
Member Information
Name JheydaMoon
Pack мσσηναℓℓєу ηιgнтωαℓкєяѕ
Lead Wolf Dekarios
Joined 2022-06-19
Last Active 5 hours ago
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