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Adora๐ŸŒ™ #71891

Gift-giving wishlist: anything from my wishlist (very extensive), food, amusement, feather remnants, nesting, SC/GC, herbs, medicine. Thank you for leaving a gift!

About Me

cr. to pixel flags
She/Her | 22 | WDT
Genshin Impact/Honkai Star Rail, Anime/Manga, KPOP

If we share any interests or you just wanna befriend me, feel free to DM! ( ^w^)/
Minors DNI


  • I have a completist streak, and this may be a hefty order, but perhaps having every possible look and markings available at one point in my den. A single wolf could have multiple attributes I need to make it easier.
  • Have conjoined twins, polycephaly. Doesn't matter too much if I get them thru purchases/gifts or I've bred them myself.

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Oh, hello! You've discovered this little, hidden message.
Welcome to Adora's page!
If you have any questions about adopting a free wolf or just want to strike up a conversation with Adora, please don't hesitate to message her!

Member Information
Name Adora๐ŸŒ™
Pack Calx
Pack Leader Aka
Joined 2022-06-06
Last Active 21 minutes ago
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