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Akira Okami #71474

Hello! my name is Akira i love each and everyone of my wolves! Kazuki is my favorite of course but anyway here in my pack we survive off of teamwork and dedication! we love and care for our young as well as the old we hunt forage and expand our territory almost daily our pups are training daily for either joining the rest of the pack on hunts or wondering off in search for a new home!
here is a little about me im into music,Anime,animals and making friends im a sweet and caring person all i want is peace and quiet i enjoy friends of course but im not against being alone in order to grow you must live and learn from past mistakes
Member Information
Name Akira Okami
Pack Norther pack
Queen Akira
Joined 2022-06-03
Last Active 2022/07/28 14:45:11
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