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Radar #EndCancer🐷👑 #53941

Hello! I'm Radar and I run a really cheap "tavern" to try and help other Wolvden players,

I use He/Him pronouns and I love art!

I'm extremally new at this, so please be patient. I accept donations.
Check out the Pack page for info on what services I provide!
and please spread the word!

For those who would like to support the shop, we need!:

Nothing specific, whatever you don't need!

Check out my role play!!


Name: minx

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Sometimes I might not respond to messages but will be on, that's because I'm probably not feeling great and don't want to deal with ppl.

Am I in rn? No, sorry

Skull list!! (I'm collecting :D)
- Anaconda
- Bear
- Bighorn
- Boar
- Bobcat
- Bush Dog
- Cottonmouth
- Crocodile
- Dog
- Eagle
- Goose
- Horse
- Jaguar
- Jaguarundi
- Lynx
- Muskox
- Ocelot
- Pronghorn
- Rattlesnake
- Seal
- Tayra
- Vulture
- Walrus
- Wolverine
- Coyote
- Badger
- Snake
- Wolf
- Owl
- Fox
- Cougar
- Bison

Art :D

𝔹𝕖𝕒𝕟𝕠 #70856
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Name Radar #EndCancer🐷👑
Pack Gnome Pack
Alpha Pylat’
Joined 2021-12-18
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