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🦦Zinnia🦦 #63773

"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day." — Winnie the Pooh

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Here's a little bit about me!

Hi, my names Kat, but I go by Zinnia on here, I am 25yo Gemini-Cancer Cusp (June 24th) and if you didn't know wolves are my all time favorite animal (Followed by Ravens) I live in Quebec, Canada (+3 hours ahead of WDT) I'm in school to become a dog groomer and hope once I've completed my course to start my own business. I'm a digital artist as my main source of income so please If you are interested in a commission just DM me, I will most likely respond pretty quickly unless its between 9pm-4am WTD (I'll probably be sleeping)

In-Game Help Guide

Pups wean at: 2.5 months
Adolescent at: 6 months
Adult at: 1 year
Wolves start dying at: 7 years 6 months
Wolves become infertile at: 7 years 2 months

Stalkers: Smarts and Wisdom
Chasers: Speed and Agility
Finishers: Strength

101 strength min for rainforest scouting
101 wisdom for glacier

Grasslands, Dec Forest, Mountains, Prairie: Speed
Riparian Woodland, Glacier: Wisdom
Con Forest, Tundra: Smarts
Desert, Rainforest: Strength
Taiga, Swamp: Agility

Commissions (CLOSED)

DM me the link of your wolf and payment and I'll add you to my Queue
Please take into consideration that I'm a mom of a 3y.o I do this on my spare time and cant draw 24/7. I will get to you ASAP!

Commission Queue

Platonic Spouses

Member Information
Name 🦦Zinnia🦦
Pack Rising Fates Pack
King Aura
Joined 2022-03-16
Last Active 2023/06/07 15:36:06
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