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🏳️‍🌈Morrigan🏳️‍🌈 #63262

Note to self: get 7 GC by tomorrow to make Nuala immortal It is no longer pride month, but still— Say Hi to Gay Snail! 8703-D5-F8-A0-E9-4-B26-B9-C0-F9-C2-CDAADDD6E2-BB2-DBD-034-F-4-C97-8653-109-A0-F884-E7-E Credit to 🦌Antlers🦌 #40935 I'm lactose intolerant :'< BUT IMMA EAT CHEESE ANYWAY! Before you do anything else, you must read this (not that you will, but anyway): GAY. Just a statement. 🌈 I AM LIABLE TO SEND RANDOM PEOPLE RANDOM STUFF THAT THEY DO OR DON'T NEED— PLEASE DONT MIND ME, I AM NATURALLY SPONTANEOUS!! This is also quite outdated— words, I think?— sometimes and it may say I have wolves I don't anymore ^^ I'll work on it! Alsooo… AViVA, anyone? I if you like AViVA, NEONI, AURORA, RIELL, Au/Ra, The Tech Thieves, TheFatFat, Laura Brehm, or Faouzia, PM me, and we can chat about how great they are! (Still got those GREAT social skillz, so… give me some time, and I'll get better at talking!) (I specifically like AViVA, NEONI, AURORA, & RIELL right now!)I HAVE 10 (so far) TIIIS!!!! Aaaaaa Edit: I wrote that then got 2 more. I HAVE 12!!!! Edit: I said that then got 3 more! I HAVE 15!! Edit: 16 NOW :) Edit: AYYYYY 18! Édit: 16…? Did I count wrong? Edit: HMMM… 11 now. Am I blind or smthn? Edit: 21!!!! People r so nice <34… so far 💜💜

~ I just wanna Mojave *wails* I WILL TRADE ANYTHING (well…) FOR A MOJAVE ~ Need 7 GC to make my wolf immortal by tomorrow! ~ Also food and amusement would be nice 😊 ~ A Special * - a permanent pretty panda 🐼 ~ PUP STAGESSSSS! Dayre SWO cwoootttte ~ SC ~ GC ~ etc., etc.
about me :)

Hallo! My name's Morrígan, and I am female & feminist (in the sense of anti-misogyny, not pro-misandry) ♀❤️. I am also self-decidedly a Very Friendly Person! Even though I am a newbie, I try and help out wherever I can (such as giving out food). I also auto-accept friend requests! ive got GREAT, WONDERFUL, SPLENDIFEROUS social skillz, and will NEVER, EVER be awkward (/s)! don't worry, im just always overly hyper. that's why i seem rather crazy! i really like Warm Medium & Warm Dark TIIIs (Mojave <333) I also love smiley faces… :) ~~ ALSO, SOMETIMES I AM NOT THE NICEST, EVEN THOUGH I TRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF IM SLIGHTLY SELFISH *winces embarrassedly*~~
special wolves stuff

ive decided to keep track of all my CURRENT special (anywolf that isn't a TI (unless it's a TI mutie/carrier)) woofers! (I definitely had more once upon a time…) NOTE: THIS IS ALMOST ALL MY WOOFERS, as I like to keep special pups only A list: Kylar's Care (Adults) Morenstar ✨ 297 · L1 · 1y 1m TIII | Mojave | G13 Losiastar ✨ 252 · L3 · 1y 7½m Pupsitter TIII | Fox | G13 | IB Nannalight 🌟 378 · L4 · 1y 6½m Pupsitter TII | Sphalerite | G3 Kyanestar ✨ 402 · L4 · 2y 2½m Pupsitter TIII | Slate | G? Síennelight ✨ 353 · L5 · 1y 6m Scout TIII | Bronze | G2 | Stud | level up b4 stud Deallastar ⭐️ 265 · L6 · 3y 3m Hunter TI | Beige | G1 | Bred | Maybe replace Mackstar ⭐️🖤 373 · L6 · 2y 7m Pupsitter TI | White | G5 | Mel | Wisp | keep? Morningstar 🌟🖤 370 · L6 · 2y 7m Pupsitter TII | Titanium | G5 | Mel | Stud | keep Pryncessastar ✨ 382 · L6 · 2y 10m Hunter TIII | Pyrope | G16+ | NIB? IB? | keep Rowanstar ⭐️ 258 · L7 · 3y 10½m Herbalist TI | Marengo | G1 | Can't replace--maybe?? Steelstar 🌟 372 · L8 · 6y 9½m Pupsitter TII | Sky | G8 Lynnstar ✨ 565 · L11 · 3y 9m Scout TIII | Fox | G10 | IB | Bred Boudicca's Heartland (Pups and Adols) ABBA 439 · L1 · 0y 4m TII | Ducat Nemoni 397 · L1 · 0y 4½m TII | Titanium | G6 Aurexi 402 · L1 · 0y 4½m TII | Sterling | G6 Silveny 336 · L1 · 0y 4½m TII | Diorite | G3 Woah 270 · L1 · 0y 6m TII | Oriode Tears streaking down your face 306 · L1 · 0y 6m TIII | Teardrop Eibhann 394 · L1 · 0y 6½m TII | Sulphur Prynce 375 · L1 · 0y 6½m TIII | Serpentine | G3 Nirrahna 346 · L1 · 0y 11½m TIII | Slate | G5+ Moira 407 · L1 · 0y 11½m TIII | Mojave | G11+ Madailein's Grove (QUARANTINE/R&C/Free) ~will say freee if free, unless posted in giveaways chat. Then it might not say free, busy still will be :) Dee 403 · L1 · 0y 6½m TII | Sky Mairke 320 · L1 · 0y 8m TII | Blonde | G2 Pip— sell, free? 374 · L1 · 0y 9½m TI | Willow | NIB Sílelight 353 · L1 · 0y 10m TII | diorite | G9+ Loxann ??? TI | Khaki | free
stuff, I suppose

hallo again! i need everything else that I want to share in one place, so im using this box! ill go through everything and anything, from studs to personal notes! stud hiii… so, dilemma.i dunno who i should make my rlly cheap stud: Morningstar 🌟📜 "TII | Titanium | G5 | Mel | Stud | keep" or Síennelight "TIII | Bronze | G2 | Stud?" or anyone else who's got a shorter lineage, has mutation, rather than carries it, etc., etc. I chose! Síennelight will be up soon as a public stud! free i rlly had no idea what to call that, so. in my den, ive got a cave called Quarantine//Free! the wolves in there will either be sick— :(— or free— :)— ! if you're interested in any of the free ones (they'll have "freee" in their footnotes (yes, the extra e is necessary)), PM me! as mentioned prior to this, ive got GREAT (/s) social skillz, so if my response is like, rlly short or something, IM NOT HATING!! la di da, story starters so— what if we were all fae?? and, say, the world was ending. because as humans we polluted it too much. and as fae about to die, we regret it?? notessss DONT FORGET TO UPDATE THIS!! FYI— /s is sarcasm :)
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