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JewelFyrenation #48628

Hi! I'm an animal cartoonist and character maker! I am also in the process of writing a book series! I am working on making my pack a fun and interesting place to be! Soon, I will be making every pack member their very own story in their bios, mainly just their first impression when they see you.

I consider myself a furry due to me being an animal cartoonist/character designer, however, I do not wear a fursuit and I rarely have any characters that are on two feet with human physical traits.

I have been to a wolf preserve, found out that wolves are highly misunderstood creatures who don't attack humans unless humans had attacked them in the past. They are lovable and gentle beings, they are like giant puppies! XD

My favorite animals are any non-domesticated canine; wolves, foxes, dholes, coyotes, etc. I love them all! My mascot is a fox and Jewel is her name!

I am also a full-hearted Baptist Christian!


1. I only sell out pups unless I have to get rid of a wolf due to overcrowding. I normally trade pups for food and amusement items.

2. The symbols below their names actually mean something. My lead wolf should have the key in his bio for now.

3. Please do not be a jerk towards me. I am a human being, just like you...please treat me as such and I'll treat you the same back.

4. I don't judge people based off of beliefs, sexuality, race, likes, dislikes, etc; I judge people based on how they act towards me and others. If you disagree with my beliefs, treat me with the same respect you want me to treat you.

I believe:

Everyone should be treated equally, this includes in punishment for terrible acts.

We are all human, meaning that it shouldn't matter what religion you follow or what you believe, everyone has the right to be treated the same.

Disabilities do not actually mean a disabled person can't do anything. Disabled people are not weak, stupid, or incapable.

I do not agree with abortion, nor do I agree with forced vaccines or vaccine mandates (people should have the right to chose if they want the vaccine, and those that can't or don't want to get it shouldn't lose their job over it.)


-mutated wolf with GC to get Jellyfish if not already immortalized

-GC (could always use some)


-Amazing-looking puppies!
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Name JewelFyrenation
Pack Great Grond Pack
Alpha Grond
Joined 2021-09-08
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