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Derp (ON HIATUS) #48324

Started hiatus on April 29 11:26:30 pm 2022

Hey there! I'm Derp! You can also call me Damien!
I love AoT (and Hange ๐Ÿ˜Œ) and it is what I'm currently interested in!
I use she/her pronouns!
Auto-accept is on! Don't be afraid to friend me!
I share the same timezone as WD! Im most active a few hours before and after RO!
If you have any IB t3 or t* wolves that you don't want, feel free to send them to me!

Im also looking for a red, black, and white wolf! Preferably with lux/blue eyes. I had a wolf like that before and I sadly had to chase her. If you find a female wolf with a henna base, lux eyes, and a black + white marking of sorts (both at a high opacity), please show her to me! I miss her dearly :(

I also have a few socials! (or whatever u call em. Just places u can contact me) pm me if you want my username from one of em!


That's all for now, bye!

(Also pfp made by me with minimum effort lol)
Member Information
Name Derp (ON HIATUS)
Pack Venid Pack
Lead Wolf Eren
Joined 2021-09-01
Last Active 2 days ago
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