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·:*¨༺ Cassia ༻¨*:·. #48008

Named BriarPup Heir
Made PearlShine Beta
Made RoseStar Alpha
Pack founded

Make a friend (I made like fiiiiiive whole friends! ^-^)(Hi, Ari! Hi, Athena! :3)
Write lore for the founding five (Done and done~)
Decorate all elders
Own 100 GC at once
Have 5000 SC buried at ALL times
Write RoseStar's goodbye letter. (Cri)

Uhhhh- I like shiny things? I dunno. I'm pretty content with what I've got. =w=


{RoseStar} by Kassiopea #42677

Member Information
Name ·:*¨༺ Cassia ༻¨*:·.
Pack {Light of the Dawn Star}
Alpha {Rose`💫`Star}
Joined 2021-08-24
Last Active 14 minutes ago
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