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Ai [He/they] #60184

Hello, my name is Ai [he/they].
I'm Eurasian and from Australia [AEST]. I've done a little bit of everything but mainly art, cosplay, writing, gaming and voice acting/singing/vocal work.
I love animals, my cat's name is Felix.
Sorry if I don't interact with others often, I'm rather shy.
Currently: Taking some more time for myself.

Roleplay information: [Link]
If I don't reply in around two weeks and haven't explained my absence, please send me another message.

Raffle: 20 Healing salves (40 uses) [Link]

Shop: Currently selling food and wolves [Link]

Profile picture credit: Blooming panic by Robobarbie [Link]
Member Information
Name Ai [He/they]
Pack The Untold
Lead Abyan
Joined 2022-02-23
Last Active 3 hours ago
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