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Bun #45703


 Greetings, my name is Bun, though you may and can call me any other names you may see fit as long as they are not offensive or insulting.

I go by She/Her pronouns and I am the current owner and runner of this account, aswell as the pack behind it. I have my own lore and story for my wolves and the pack, though it is still a WIP with only the first arcs main story being the only one planned at the moment. 

I am open to developing as well as assisting in side story's that are a part of any other packs lore and plot, aswell as having side stories develop within my own pack which include others characters. 

If you are interested in knowing more about my pack, please click on the link titled "Virago's Den" for a brief summary + a rundown of the members of the pack.

Profile last updated: 07/19/22

Thank you for reading!

Member Information
Name Bun
Pack Stellato Pack
Pack Leader Virago
Joined 2021-06-26
Last Active 2024/05/27 13:48:48
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