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Tala #4451

Hi! I'm Tala or Lyssa, either one is okay with me. She/They pronouns please!

 I am a Tier 3 breeder who particuarly enjoys natural-colored wolves, but I like a little bit of everything. I do not inbreed my wolves as I focus around clean-breeding. I like the challenge of playing on 'hard mode', if you will. I also write my own pack lore.

 Please keep in mind that my life does not revolve around Wolvden! I will often check messages and get back to responding later than sooner. Please be patient with me, I promise I will get to your DM. I don't generally accept friend requests unless we've spoken before or frequently studded to each other's wolves. Don't be offended if I decline! It's nothing personal. Thanks for stopping by!
Member Information
Name Tala
Pack Souls of Redemption
Alpha Tala
Joined 2020-09-26
Last Active 19 minutes ago
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