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Zyo, The Broken Fool #37038


🌙 off an on site

🐲 Me calmin dragon, me spoiled, well loved baby~🐲

Need tah scream at self tah remake profile so it looks nice…..

Greetings.....ah do RPs

-just another jester obsessed freak that no one cares bout, me art banner is closed…not dat it matters o course

The Grand Stage

So broken am I to believe in others

So weak am I to think I can become anything other

Anything other then a freak, a twisted fool or a tool

A berserker or broken fool in which none can fool, the stage is set and life is my undoing

So often I cry and wish to die, yet the stars never align

So here we are, upon the grand stage of life

Here we are, the crippled fools, the broken tools of life, the depressed creatures of the night

And here I lay upon the broken bone of my foes, here my tears drop and my laughter fills the air

Here I stand with knives strapped to me and the souls of the damned weep

Here I am, the Broken Fool with my missing eye, torn lips and braid

Donning all black and here they lay….on my pile of death

Member Information
Name Zyo, The Broken Fool
Pack Vulf-kinn
Alpha Bardagi Corpse-hide
Joined 2021-01-25
Last Active 5 minutes ago