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ⱫɎØ, ₮ⱧɆ ฿ⱤØ₭Ɇ₦ ₣ØØⱠ #37038

My lovely OC Ian, and my Dr. Pepper themed femboy yandere wererabbit~(all art made by me unless stated otherwise)

𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓾𝓼: ☠️ Back Later
Art is done by me, pfp included, Check Rp thread oot~


If ye friend me ah will send pm, ah like to meet others to ave an idea of the type of person behind the screen…so if ye are the sort to ignore my pms please refrain from sending request

Ah'm a rather complex entity o sorts that none can fully understand, Ah can speak full, complete English so if ye can't understand me-ask, don't beat 'round the bush luvs an please don't be rude. However ye are warned…difficult tah know much bout me since ah'm rather secretive~

  • Ah will sell food/toys cheaply is ye were tah pm me, ah often randomly gift food/toys-don't be alarmed if Ah so with ye
  • Pups labeled sell on me den, just ask if ye want'em, otherwise they will be enclaved
  • If yer bored Ah not care if randomly pmed, Ah often bored from bein so used to multitaskin an bein on the move
  • 💶Ah can craft fox base/eye app, Ah need materials cubs, pm me an we talk shoppe Ah wanna buy up materials

Some bits bout me

-Astronomical Sign: Gemini

-Spirit Animal:Bear


-Clan: Berseker

-Tribe Name: Beardragon

Some likes/interests

Gamer-Weldin(MIG, TIG, O/A)-Bonsais-Dragonolgy-Reptiles-To Rp-JeSsstErssssssssssss-gore-Dr. PePpER-Helluva Boss has certainly gained me interest show wise: Loona is me fav. Lass so far yet Queen Bee is well made

Which Pokemon are you?

Which Dog Breed Matches You On A Soul Level?

This Is The Most Accurate Introvert-Or-Extrovert Quiz You Will Ever Take

The Human Emotion Test

Which Two Zodiac Signs Are You The Most Compatible With?

Compete In "Bake Off" And We'll Tell You A Deep Truth About Yourself

I Can Easily Reveal Which Type Of Best Friend You Are, But Maybe You Don't Want To Know...

Which Obey Me character do you most represent?

Fun bits tah look at if yer bored

  • Skyrim, AH LUV CICERO, khhehehehehehe mAdness is Merymemt and MarymEnt is might, When the jester Cones with a knife at night~
  • Witcher |||, The Wild Hunt, me luvs, ah kept beatin everyone at Gwent also..Regis an Lambert…they me fav
  • TOTK, Koltin an Kilton…they so soo fucken adorable, an together????? Oh gods they so cute
  • Stardew Valley: Ah not care wit peeps say, ye can be a beast am still play that lovely Farmin sim-Shane,…oh gods he an ah ave so much in common when ah tell peeps who know me, they often ask if Ah explained myself Heh….
  • Darkwood: Wolfman, gods fav guy right there~ first night in game an blazes! The damn Banshees came 🤬 methinks they are harpies, yup, ah call em harpies cubs-sue me lol
Hanzō, Freya, Freyr, Frostmear, Destheo, Theo, Ara, Norsk, Nox, Holer, Holten, Boon, Marshel, Marsh, Norask, North, MistKeep, Howler, Banshee, Burgiest, MistKeep, NightFrosk, Versk, Vulk, Vilk, Gorth, Gorea,

Dr. PepperDr.PepperDr.PepperDr.Pepper Dr. PepperDr.PepperDr.PepperDr.Pepper Dr. PepperDr.PepperDr.PepperDr.Pepper Dr. PepperDr.PepperDr.PepperDr.Pepper Dr. PepperDr.PepperDr.PepperDr.Pepper


Lady in Black 2, the first one was better in me opinion, but the lil' doll the lass was given? Ah named thee Sargent PickleBottom, was hard tah take movie seriously from dat point on


Ah not got D,I,D-Ah just got many MANY thoughts runnin at once, each with their own personal-THOUGHTS, many thoughts with OWN THOUGHTS yes…an neither like ye thus far


Perhaps we are a wild card, depressed erm…"dark" thoughts that shall not be named, maddening "thoughts" and so forth but if am to be a fool who all come to mock than may as well be The Broken Fool, with their fractured mind and twisted thoughts, crippled mental health and one all come to ignore for rather be the one all knows understands the pain of loneliness and having one's own body betray them than to be thought as being like "others".

What do you call a frozen dog?

-A PUPsickle


What do dragons and maps have in common?



The enemy of the sea anemone is my frieneneme


So punny

* Emerges from sleepin quarters, walks into same wall five times as a large, hairy fucken werewolf/Ogar o' a man causally watches me*



Trainer-"Oh so ye just happened to be stalkin Shane in the game?"

Zyo-"Aye, that's right"

Trainer-"Then what the hell is that?" *points at the large, empty one liter Dr. Pepper with a paper taped to it with Shane's face drawn on it in which Zyo has arm around like it a person*

Zyo-"That is Dr. Shanper, now…we are tryin to watch tv"


Zyo-"Ugh ah not get anime, none o the characters get me an ah just don't like how dramatic the expressions are" *Downloads Obey Me on phone, gets DM from ShroudFang*

ShroudFang-"Zyoessie, how is the game so far? ^^ "

Zyo-"Ehh it ok ig….." *Spends weeks playin it on phone once it hits midnight*



*Meanwhile the ooc on Discord (Suja is chinchilla in rp)*

Zyo-"Ah say, Suja acquires a bow tie AN a top hat, he needs to be classy"

ShroudFang-"Oh no…..what have I done? I have entered the pit", *Causally explodes Zyo's DMs with a million chinchilla pictures*


ShroudFang-"Now we both suffer XD"


*Pulls car into parking spot, many kids runnin like mad as music blares from a sleek car*

Ogar, bein the driver-"Aye get their attention"

Zyo-*pokes head from passenger's window with an empy Dr. Pepper can in one hand, phone the other* "OI YER YER FUCKEN ARSE IN ERE OR AH WILL FUCKEN GRABE YE AN PULL YE IN THROUGH THREW THE WINDOWER!!!!!"

Trainer-* frozen in place from embarrassment*😳

Complete strangers in area-😱

——— _____

When playing horror game and obvious demon bangs on window claiming to be Grandma:

Zyo; *slurps Dr.Pepper* "Lassie, my Grandma would enter through the DOOR like a normal creature-or break it down!


Me; Ah am completely normal

Others; 🤨


Others: You look oddly good in that Joker makeup

Me; *Snaps neck* 😤


Walks into a conversation with Dr. Pepper in hand:

Lanky male; unless you have D.I.D *glances at Zyo*

Me; 😑Why ya looking at me?!

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"A man comes at me with his fists, I'll meet him with fists. But if he pulls a gun or threatens people I'm protectin' then I got no sympathy for him. He made his choice. He'll have to live or die with it. I never used my claws on someone who hadn't tried to kill me first. I call that self-defense."


Now Playing; A Little Bit

Artist: Jake Daniels

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Zyo-you must check the reminders, else I will NEVER leave you alo-I say….guests? Here of all places? Welcome! This is the Vulf-kinn! And don't mind my daughter Asteria, she is a friendly sort…..did you just call her a plant?! OOHHHH now I WILL HOVER MINDLESSLY ON YOUR SCREEN!!!….hope this code breaks on you 😈

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