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ⱫɎØ, ₮ⱧɆ ฿ⱤØ₭Ɇ₦ ₣ØØⱠ's Wishlist

This is ⱫɎØ, ₮ⱧɆ ฿ⱤØ₭Ɇ₦ ₣ØØⱠ's Wishlist - a list of all the items they desire! If you are feeling generous, you may wish to gift one or more of these items to this member!

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"Bloodthirsty" Werewolf Eyes & Snarl Expression
A fearsome, bloody snarl and glowing eyes fit for a lycanthrope, or any wolf with the attitude of one.
Aging Dragon Companion
You were playing with the egg and now it's hatched! Wonder how big he'll get...
Note: Ah take any dragon!!!
Biara the dragon
Looks like this cheerful dragon wants to be your friend!
Eye Applicator [Saeculorum]
Use this on your chosen wolf to change their eye colour to Saeculorum.
Food Bundle
A bundle of food! This package will grant you two to three random carcasses of an average size.
Marking Opacity Changer
Use this on your chosen wolf to change the opacity of one of their markings. You can choose any value between 1-100%.
Parasitic Appetite
Something about your wolf seems a bit... off, today...
Note: Ah love Venom~
The Hound of Haidês
Ever faithful, Cerberus vigilantly guards the Gates of the Underworld. No one shall escape on his watch!
Toy Bundle
A bundle of toys! This package will grant you two to three random amusement items.
Viking Warrior - Black/Fox
As a shield maiden or warrior Valhalla, this outfit is perfect for you . || I accept recolors for this decor. You found more Information here: