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✨The Bone Fairy✨ (she) #33541


33y/o | she/her | 🇵🇱Polish
Cis Woman | Demiromantic Asexual | Polyamorous
introvert | neurotic | general weirdo
might be a cryptid
In love with the color turquoise and chocolate | very into arts & crafts

Weird sleeping schedule due to a rare condition, expect to see me at any time of day or night

Currently depressed as heck, please be patient with me and forgive me if I suddenly drop all comunication, sometimes for weeks on end, talking to people is hard and I might be saving all my mental energy just to talk myself into getting out of the bed and eating something every day 🤷 Sorry!

Current goals:
Monopolize background market [2/9 biomes]
Have a stud at all [  ]
Have an Opal stud [  ]
Have an Opal stud unrelated to all other cool-based studs [ ]
Have an Opal female unrelated to any cool-based studs [ ]
Monopolize Opal market [ ]
Take over the world [ ]
Have a Mojave, Argent and Teardrop [ ]
Useful links
Good stud
fake scry
Custom decor preview
(You're a genius, ᓚᘏᗢ #35127)
"notes to self:
stalkers require high smarts and wisdom.
chasers agility speed.
finishers strength.

deciduous forest: speed
grasslands: mountains: coniferous smarts
prairie: riparian woodland: wisdom
desert: strength
taiga: agility
swamp: agility
tundra: smarts
glacier: wisdom
rainforest: strength




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Name ✨The Bone Fairy✨ (she)
Pack Fernhill Pack
King Leareth
Joined 2020-12-15
Last Active 44 minutes ago
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