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WillowRose #31674

New Breed Only Bases:
- Blueschist, Cool Dark III
- Corrundum, Warm Dark III
- Hornfels, Muted Dark III
- Iron, Monochrome Dark III

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Buying Pups!!

Need your den cleared out of pups? Have any that won't sell? I will gladly buy them! Most pups will be chased by adolescence, with the occasional special marked ones raised and chased at adulthood. Buying pups that are 5 months or younger at a maximum of 10sc per pup. Feel free to send me a private trade(#31674) or post on my thread CLICK HERE.

Check out these Lunar Tags for use:

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6
Set 7
Set 8


  • rainforest
  • desert
  • deciduous forest
  • grasslands
  • mountains
  • prairie
  • taiga
  • swamp
  • riparian woodland
  • glacier
  • coniferous forest
  • tundra
Member Information
Name WillowRose
Pack Carpe Diem Pack
Alpha Sirens Warning
Joined 2020-11-30
Last Active 16 hours ago
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