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hello I am Churchill I am the fire flames leader I'm new and am doing my best to lead my pack
btw pls take any wolves that r in adoption they r unwanted and I cant keep or I don't want them and i need them gone so pls take them ur welcome to offer on any other wolves but my answer will most likely be no i need wolves gone pls take them im desparate {I MAY BE ASLEEP IF U MESSAGE ME SO BE WARNED THAT I MIGHT NOT RESPOND RITE AWAY} BRO I NEED AMUSEMENT SO IF U HAVE ANY SPARE I WOULD GLADLY USE IT FOR MY LOT OF THE TIME DESPRATE PACK

Credits to anyone who gave me one of Ur wolf's they all say who bred and sent me the wolf (I did it cause boredom got to me) lol

Ur running thru the forest when u almost crash into an unsuspecting hunt party they circle you and start growling u made us lose our elk bull one yells let's hurt her another yells no let's do worse so they don't come back one that looks like the hunt leader yells storm combat stop and use ur calming strategies and the one called storm crys whyyyyyyy they madeeeeee us lose our elkkkkkkkk it's not fairrrrrrrr the hunt leader gets mad and yells LIFE'S NOT FAIR GET OVER IT all the wolves immediately dropped into submission and church sighed get up all of u ur not little puppys are u they get up saying no church ok then we will say sorry to this wolf get ourselves together and head home they start going and when they arrive storm charges in yelling every wolf we have a guessssssst all the wolves arise and greet the visitor the alpha prances out of the lead rock den and church yells hi mom and runs off the lead walks to u and formally greets u saying hello I am Churchill and u r.....
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