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Juniper || Chatdoggo #31615

Hi, I'm Juniper (or Juni, Jay, or J)! I love wolves, writing, and drawing, and I'd love to chat about any of these (or my pack lore) if you PM me.
- I'm 17 so a minor, please don't be a creep.
- I'm demi-biromantic <3
- I use she/they pronouns. My gender identity is a bit of a mess, to be safe just use they/them.
- My pack tracker is hereand my comms thread is here.Oh, and maybe check out my species Paxtimions?

TIII Count: 11
Special Count: 4
Member Information
Name Juniper || Chatdoggo
Pack Skyshine Pack
Pack Leader Aster
Joined 2020-11-29
Last Active 35 minutes ago
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