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Annie (L-On!) #2949


𝔚𝔢𝔩𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔢 to Asmundr Pack!

Breeding Tier 3 heteros is our goal! I focus on Halloween and Fall themes- so if you have any for sale, let me know! I'd love to add them to the pack! All pups marked "BEAR" or "$$$" are for sale! Check here for my sales thread: Midmundr Sales

TRICK OR TREAT HERE!You follow carved pumpkins and small animal skeletons through the colorful forest to a big, overgrown tree creating a cave. Out of the cave comes Candy Corn, a vibrant wolf carrying a big pumpkin of treats. "Welcome Trick or Treaters, I'm so glad you're here! Here, let me pick something out for you..." She mutters, her nose falling over her eyes, as she shoves her nose into the goodies.

About Annie

Hi, my name is Annie (FKA Jahla)! I'm a 23 year old female vet student who loves wolves, being outside, art, makeup, reading/writing, anime (SNK and Mikannie give me life ), and cosplaying! I am eternally grateful for meeting my lovely partner Mikasa on this game! He's my best friend, rock, soul, the father to our three little cardigans, my little Ackerman... and now my fiancé (8/20/21)! We do sometimes share an IP address! Will be starting up school 8/17 again, so will be less active! Messages are always open :)

Member Information
Name Annie (L-On!)
Pack Asmundr Pack
Pack Leader Captain Levi
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 17 seconds ago
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