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hop ˚ ᆺ ˚ #26470

hello! my name is bri, but u can call me 'hop' if u'd like. i go by she/her pronouns!

my interests include: wolvden/lioden (ofc), writing, metal, goth, and rock music, clowns and nutcrackers, and anything that has to do with vampires or other goofy supernatural beings.

other games that i like to play include: red dead redemption 1/2/un, dead by daylight, stardew valley, minecraft, roblox, animal crossing, and the sims 4

css by jupitercrash 。゚❁ུ۪ #27126

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Name hop ˚ ᆺ ˚
Pack Cephalopod Lodge
Alpha Rasmodius
Joined 2020-11-04
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