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Dimoio【Roll off】 #110266

He/Ink Blood/Eye fanatic

Buying pups is usually for disease agriculture and R&C projects.Do not read instructions when buying feed in bulk. If you want your cub back, feel free to PM ME!

Ink blood is the ancestor of black wolves and the killer of the Undead. He woke up in the forest with the sacred red dragon, Scarsgarde.
Oh, lost wolves, please don't be afraid. Their descendants are holy and crazy. Most of them flow pure black blood and have strange eyes.
This is the so-called "fourth generation/fourth dimension" of wolves.
Member Information
Name Dimoio【Roll off】
Pack Fourth Dimension
Alpha Αλκάκάγκαντ
Joined 2022-12-05
Last Active 17 hours ago
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