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Ulfa #25724

I am a very busy student that spends their free time passing the time on WD and pretending I am not drowning in work lol. Also all hail the hypnotoad


-- customise stud fully

-- breed a tier II

-- base change lead (russet? No dinar) (Kind person gifted <3 ) 

-- breed a tier III

-- breed a mutation (lethal)

-- breed a mutation (genetic) 2/3

-- breed a wulfenite

-- get arnica decor for stud

-- save gc for an emergency immortal slot + jellyfish (kind person gifted me one <3)

-- get the pfffflrp expression

-- create an emergency fund of sc buried (min. 2k)

-- get all recipes

Member Information
Name Ulfa
Pack Pack of the Valkyrie
Pack Leader Edda - Siftirnel
Joined 2020-11-01
Last Active 2021/12/28 08:08:37
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