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🤍Emo Mama 🖤 #25702

Life sucks '^'
Sugar Mama to the one and only 𝗔𝗴𝗿egg

Things to Note

If I am active and not responding to messages or threads at all, I am likely on mobile. I will get back to you asap when I'm back on my pc.
Unless you are the chaser, please do not contact me about wolves that I have found. If the wolf is not actively up in a trade, I will ignore you.
I don't accept random friend requests. If you'd like to be a friend with me, talk to me first.

About Me

Autistic, Hyperactive, & Depressed (ramble warning)

**I am autistic. I struggle to understand and process many things, I get overwhelmed easily, and have heavy anxiety. I may also say random things, respond impulsively, and act out strangely in chat. So please just bear with me as we communicate.
Ok, now onto the long rambly part about me which you can skip if you want.

Hullo! My name is Maximilian, and I am ofc emo. I am genderfluid and use she/her or he/him pronouns (and no I will not ever reveal my actual gender). I enjoy music, animals, crochet, CSS, and art, and I have a deep passion for Viking and Norse things. And if you couldn't tell snow leopards are my favorite animal of all time. I am generally pretty shy and to myself, and don't talk much outside of game forums and occasionally main chat. But if you do get me talking- I can ramble for a while nonstop.


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Find Me On :

Insta : maximiliancreation
Discord : emomama
ToyHouse : Emo_Mama

* I do not accept random messages/friend requests. Message me here if you want to contact elsewhere.

Hi, I'm Nyxius, Maxi's fursona. Feel free to take a look around, but be careful! I may bite ;3

Pet's name: Cranberry Sugar

Pet's name: Luckyfoot
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

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Name 🤍Emo Mama 🖤
Pack The Winter's Haunted
Queen Þóra
Joined 2020-11-01
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