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Iona #22199

Welcome to the Oakenstream Pack! Mostly consisting of realistic monochrome wolves, with a few exceptions. My goal is to have the Chromium, Flint and Slate bases. For now my stud is a beautiful Gen 2 Chromium. He'll welcome any of your females, if you are interested in breeding to him!

About me: Adult, She/Her, Wolvden time +8 (Western Europe). I don't typically accept random friend requests unless I've interacted in some way - in the chat, on the forums, and so on. You can always PM me though! I'm part of the Natural Wolf Pack Alliance and the Raise and Chase Clan. I have R&C'd 138 wolves, including 2 T3s.

Art by Fella (#31536)

Member Information
Name Iona
Pack Oakenstream Pack
Pack Leader Elm
Joined 2020-10-24
Last Active 29 minutes ago
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