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Iona #22199

SEMI - HIATUS (mostly online during Lunar events)

Welcome to the Eternal Lands! Two packs roam its mountains, forests and meadows, each with its own attributes. The strongest, the Oakenstream Pack, consists of realistic monochrome wolves. Its alphas are Pendragon, an old, yet surprisingly swift male, and his mate Wanda, an expert hunter. The Willowcreek Pack is made up of otherwordly wolves, many of which have come out of the Dreamlands. Medra and Elehal are its alphas.

About me: Iona (with an i), adult, She/Her, Wolvden time +9 (Western Europe). I don't typically accept random friend requests unless I've interacted in some way - in the chat, on the forums, and so on. You can always PM me though! I'm part of the Natural Wolf Pack Alliance and the Raise and Chase Clan. I have R&C'd 800+ wolves, including 142 T3s. 5 Chromiums, 2 Striped Flint, 1 Slate, 2 Iridium, 3 Lily, 2 Pearl, 2 Fox, and 1 Wulfenite made it back as chased wolves. <3

Sparrowhawk bust by ❄️Alpine Caravan❄️ (#14503)

Avatar by Srinyx (#244)

Member Information
Name Iona
Pack Oakenstream Pack
Pack Leader Brân
Joined 2020-10-24
Last Active 8 hours ago
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