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᠂ Sephan᠂ #19309

➷ he/him ➷


⋆*𓏲 ✧𓏲*⋆

drawn by nov ! <3

link to the beautiful css i am using~ click here

-note: hello! please do not dm me inquiring about any of my wolves UNLESS they are specifically in my [sales] cave or my [giveaways] cave.
as an exception, you may ask about unweaned pups labeled "enclave" as they are stuck to whatever cave their parent is in, but will just be going to the enclave anyway. thanks for reading!

Scouting Notes.

Deciduous Forest: Speed
Grasslands: Speed
Mountains: Speed
Coniferous Forest: Smarts
Prairie: Speed
Riparian Woodland: Wisdom
Desert: Strength
Taiga: Agility
Swamp: Agility
Tundra: Smarts
Glacier: Wisdom
Rainforest: Strength

The Happily Married

(not including pairs assigned to each

other solely for breeding purposes)

Bat  x Rhubarb

Wren  x Torch

Paper Airplane  x Manticore

Music  x Cerberus

Kaivu  x Shara

Savvy  x Reindeer

Coal  x Whiteout

Esmerelda  x Donna

Ibis  x Venus Flytrap

Pipkin  x Vase

Vintage  x Canary

Hare  x Deer

Jasper  x Quentin

Bison  x Carousel

Allure  x Enamor

combo markings

font changer

time table

Battle Encounters

Prey Item Spreadsheet

Heat Calculator

Lead stat gains

Stalker stat requirements

Member Information
Name ᠂ Sephan᠂
Pack Pack of Wandering Wraiths
King Dancer
Joined 2020-10-21
Last Active 5 hours ago