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aikarasu #17502


tasha (she/they)

20+ // eng + jap ok!

current goal is to breed
heterochromia wolves!
goal after that would be tier iii's :3c

dream wolves:

i'm on flight rising with the same username (aikarasu)! come say hi and you might get a surprise! ;D


i'm a yugioh (zexal arc-v)
and the promised neverland fan!

i like to sing, play the guitar, write stories and take pictures of birds, felines and canines! 

i also love traveling, learning about space and geeking out about dinosaurs (especially theropods and their feathered descendants)!

i'm a busy person but i always try to be online! drop by if you feel like chatting, about wd or my interests mentioned above, even if we're not friends (yet)!
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Name aikarasu
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Joined 2020-10-20
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