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❄️ʀᴇɴ❄️ #1431


Wolvden time +2 hours
Responses may be slow despite online status.
You are welcome to message me if you need help.
If you want to trade backgrounds/decor, I'm currently in the Tundra.
Feel free to reach out if you think you have a wolf I want, and would like to discuss trading.
I do not accept friend requests from users I've never interacted with.

NBWs I'm Looking For
- Monochrome T3
- Ghost, Sidhe, Storm, Tempest
- any with Umbral skin, nose, and/or claws
- any with the following eyes: Dark Hazel, Husky, Puma, Steel Blue, Yagou
- preferred markings: cougar, lupos, shaded, shadow, wings
- preferred marking colors: ghost, shedua, sidhe, silver, sterling, storm, tempest

- breed one of each mutation 7/10
- obtain all recipes
- max territory size and immortal slots
- link

Raise & Chase Records

Heat Calculator

Code Breaker
Feed & Play
Melvin's Quests
Pup Training
Snake Quests
Raccoon 2 GC
Crafted 2 GC
Event 5-10 GC

Base Apps
Crafted 100-150 GC
Event 20-30 GC

Eye Apps
Crafted 10-50 GC
Event 10-15 GC

Marking Apps 15-20 GC

Claw/Nose/Skin Apps 10 GC
Combo Markings
Auburn (Black x Red)
Cocoa (Black x Cream)
Doubloon (Honey x Yellow)
Shedua (Honey x Black)
Silver (Black x White)
Sterling (Silver x Black)
Lead Stats
strength > agility > smarts > speed > wisdom

Levels 1-18: enemies 3 levels below lead and up
Levels 19-20: enemies level 15 and up

Random Battle Encounters
level is not known before battle; use HP to decide to fight or flee
-sweet scent wolf: level 15+ = 45+ HP
-climb the rocks cougar: level 15+ = 46+ HP
-harass walrus: level 15+ = 48+ HP
-harass walrus group: level 15+ = 50+ HP

Enemy Stat Drops
all enemies can drop wisdom; only enemies that appear at high levels are listed
any bear - strength
any boar - strength
any bovine - strength
any bovine herd - strength, smarts
any feline - speed, agility
any fox - agility, smarts
any seal - strength
any snake - agility
any wolf - all
any wolf pack - smarts
any walrus - strength
American Badger - strength, agility
Barren Ground Caribou - speed
Barren Ground Caribou Herd - speed, smarts
Enraged Canada Goose - smarts
Moose Bull - speed
Morelets Crocodile - strength
Wandering Tala - strength, smarts
Tayra - agility, smarts
Wolverine - strength, smarts
Enemy Locations
Biome Map
Territory Slots
Stat Gain
Pup Stats
Member Information
Name ❄️ʀᴇɴ❄️
Pack Moonrise
Leader Killian
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 14 minutes ago
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