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Cosmo on pawz {LIGHTS ON} #125948

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Hi! I'm Cosmo. I'm a bisexual non-binary therian! I insta accept auto-friend requests.
Sadly a bit ago I lost all my wolves except three, my stud, my leader, and a wolf I managed to save. I lost my two favorite wolves. I miss them dearly. I lost over 25+ wolves. Im trying to re-grow my pack. And I have.
My project is eclipse eyes, I love them<3 please feel free to donate any of your eclipse eyed wolves if you don't want them!
If you ever need to talk you can absolutely talk to me! (Please though know I have the same problem so if I vent to you after you vent to me please don't take it as rude!<3)
Grey fox therian
{Plays: chicken smoothie, lioden, dragon cave.} (Pretty unactive on lioden though its kind of confusing for me:3)
I also have ADHD. Thank you for your time<3

Pet's name: Cosmo (30C$)
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!
Member Information
Name Cosmo on pawz {LIGHTS ON}
Pack Luckypack
Queen Aylss
Joined 2023-07-23
Last Active 2023/11/14 19:16:24
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