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Celtic Ravens #31620

Copyright © SMG 12 Nashoba Hostina

Home of the Irish Werewolves
Track down AmberGlas for the lore.
And if you're wondering about the Tree Peekers
[Sasquatch] lurking on WD she'll show you the proof.

Any wolves for sale can be found in the LEANING FIR den.

Offers are welcome regardless of the price I've set in the Trading Center.
No guarantee I'll accept it, but I won't be offended, only my wolves bite.

I'm a pack rat living in a den of wolves.

Neutral Good Passively Good — they have fairly normal lives and ambitions, but will do good as the situation arises. They will help anyone they come across who needs it, then get back to their normal routine. They are most likely to be good towards family, friends, and those within their social circle, though they have no issue with helping strangers. They may even do volunteer work or other do-gooding that they find personally satisfying. At the same time, they do not view Good as the concept that defines their lives — for them, Goodness is an obligation, or even just their nature. They will do what Good they like, or what needs to be done, and then they will go home and carry on as normal.

(ISFJ-A) "The Defender" ~ Role: Sentinel ~ Strategy: Confident Individualism

~ Family & Ally of LGBTQAI+ ~ Pacific Northwest [UTC-7]

Thank you for each of the gifts given to my pack. I appreciate them more than you know.
Member Information
Name Celtic Ravens
Pack Ravensong Tor
Alpha Faelan M 847
Joined 2020-11-29
Last Active 1 hour ago
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