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ღ Mystic Shadow ღ #11730

Auto-accept is on
  • Customize Bino Babies
  • Chase Some/Most Wolves
  • Only Keep Special/Customized/Project Wolves - All Other Wolves Go!

A little bit about me (if anyone cares):

I am a she/her

I have 2 fur babies (a German Shepherd and an Alaskan Klee Kai)

I try to be as friendly as possible, so messages are always open if you want to talk about anything, vent, ask anything, whatever else. I will try my best to help you out lol.

I’m definitely not the most social person, but I try.

I love the monochrome bases more than any other, especially with a nice black/white merle.

I am both very unlucky and clumsy.

I’m pretty basic!

23 Breedings to Tier 3s - 2 Tier 3 Pups

Seal Boi! 2/26

Argent Boi! 2/27

Member Information
Name ღ Mystic Shadow ღ
Pack The Darkmoon Pack
Alpha Hermosa
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 2021/03/08 21:23:04
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