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Kasima~HIATUS #113521

Hi! I'm potatoesandpeaches. I am not exactly a newbie but I am not the best player for sure😐 I'm trying out any pronouns at the moment.

Amphibia/Owl House/She-Ra fangirl

I am on US Pacific time but am on a lot. May disappear for up to a week but I won't be gone for long. Currently on vacation will not be on for roughly a month!

I will accept almost all friend requests but beware that I have the WORST social anxiety so please forgive me! I also like helping out others.
My end goal in this game is to get every decoration from every Racoon Wares which wouldn't seem so hard but it'll take a while.
Member Information
Name Kasima~HIATUS
Pack FeatherSong Pack
Lead Wolf Frost on the Trees Above
Joined 2023-01-07
Last Active 2023/06/30 22:16:07
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