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oddity. #11105

Art of Pack Members.

Kai. Credit to ForestRave #35489 

Kai. Credit to Fallen #15524

Saki. Credit to Fallen #15524

Saki. Credit to Dying_Dove #30439

Anya and Kai. Credit to Dying_Dove #30439

About Oddity.

she/her | 2 hours ahead of wolvden time (easterrn standard time)

Personal Goals. 

-Make every wolf in the pack (with the exception of pupsitters) have 400+ stats

-Breed more mutations

-Breed a T3

-Make a T3 or mutation a stud for a while

Personal Achievements.

-Bred twin albinos 

-Bred a lethal (polymelia) with a sky base, the first on the site

-Bred a couple T3's (a fox, opal, pyrope (x5), and mojave (x2))

-Bred a selene based pup, with white and black eyes, as well as selene skin, nose, and claws. He's also a brachy carrier!

Refunded Breedings.

These users get fully refunded breedings for life from my studs, even future ones:

-⌘Tallbarr⌘ (#29379)

-KitKat (#8369)

Member Information
Name oddity.
Pack Anomaly
Pack Leader Kai
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 5 hours ago
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