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――(Odd's Crafting Service) | New Recipes Included (Gyrfalcon Observer)

――(Odd's Crafting Service) | New Recipes Included (Gyrfalcon Observer)
Posted 2021-08-26 18:24:50 (edited)

  Odd's Crafting Service


Hello everyone, welcome to my thread! I have quite a few recipes learned, and would love to be able to craft them for you!

Down below is where you will see a list of the recipes I've learned so-far that are available for crafting, as well as the items required to craft them.


Not much to say here! All I ask is that you have the appropriate amount of items needed to complete the recipe you want crafted. You're more than welcome to let me know which recipe you'd like made via this thread, pm, or in the message section when gifting me the needed supplies- then once made I'll gift the item to you. No tips are necessary, but they are greatly appreciated of course <3


Recipes Available


Acorn Bundle Decor
5 Acorns

Angel Oak
6 Acorns

Arizona White Oak Sapling
6 Acorns

Arnica Flower Decor
5 Arnicas

Base Applicator [Fox]
20 Canine Fangs
20 Canine Claws
01 Fox Skulls
10 Fox Tails [Red]
5 Fox Pelts [Red]

Bone Decor
5 Bones

Broken Antler Decor
5 Broken Antlers

Eye Applicator [Fox]
10 Canine Fangs
10 Canine Claws
2 Fox Skulls
5 Fox Tails [Gray]
3 Fox Pelts [Gray]

Foreground Rocks [Brown]
10 Large Rocks

Foreground Rocks [Gray]
10 Large Rocks

Gambel Oak Sapling
6 Acorns

Gyrfalcon Observer
10 Gyrfalcon Feathers

Mossy Branch Decor
5 Large Leafs
5 Large Branches

Northern Red Oak Sapling
6 Acorns

Pasadena Oak Branch
6 Acorns

Path of Boulders
30 Large Rocks

Rabbit Foot Den
5 Lucky Feet
10 Large Rocks
10 Large Branches

Red Oak Branch [Green]
6 Acorns

Red Oak Branch [Red]
6 Acorns

Scattered Bones
10 Bones

Tansy Crown
10 Tansies

Valley Oak
6 Acorns

White Oak Sapling
6 Acorns

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Posted 2021-08-27 08:01:27 (edited)
Items for Sale

This is a section dedicated to extra recipes, scars, decor, etc. that I have up for sale. From time to time, this may also possibly have wolves/pups, as well as advertise stud info. There's a possibility this won't be used at all, but I'm just keeping this up just in case.

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Posted 2021-08-27 12:15:15
I'd love to get two Gyrfalcon Observer backgrounds crafted! I can send the materials for them right now


Posted 2021-08-27 12:16:50
Sure thing! Send the materials whenever you're ready <3

Posted 2021-08-27 17:17:13
Hey there! Can I get two angel oak backgrounds and one one gyrfalcon observer?

Posted 2021-08-27 17:18:56
Hello! Sending the items for a Gyrfalcon Observer and Angel Oak, thanks so much. :]
Alex (Coyote)

Posted 2021-08-27 17:23:30
@Hannah & Alex (Coyote) Hi there, thank you so much for dropping by! I'll have your decors ready in a bit, send over the items whenever you'd like <3

Posted 2021-08-27 19:15:41
Hello! You're so kind to offer these! May I get the Valley Oak, Pasadena Oak Branch, and Angel Oak crafted possibly? :D


Posted 2021-08-27 19:20:34
Of course you can, I'm happy to craft whatever you'd like! Send the materials my way whenever and I'll gift back the decors as soon as they're crafted :)

Posted 2021-08-27 20:16:24
Hello! :D is it ok if i get the Gyrfalcon Observer and Foreground Rocks [Gray]? i dont have all the materials yet but ill send them to you once i get them? :)

Super_Nova (he/they)

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