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crazypossumman #106557

Hey, CrazyPossumMan here! (It's like crazy cat lady, but objectively cooler). You can call me Possum for short (pronouns are he/they/it). I play pretty much everyday and am borderline obsessed with everything to do with Wolvden, so hit me up whenever! Replies may take a minute because I tend to be a bit socially awkward, but I enjoy chatting nonetheless :)

If you visit my den, feel free to take a peek at the wolves I have for sale! (You can find more information about that on the top of my den page!)

Anyway, have a good day!
Member Information
Name crazypossumman
Pack Scorch of Hell
King Beelzebub
Joined 2022-11-11
Last Active 21 minutes ago
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